Revive (Medpet) Pet Stress Relief / Energy Boost for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets


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Energy and stress tonic for optimal nutrition and performance. 

A concentrated liquid  containing Vitamins, Trace Elements, Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Prebiotics, Nucleotides and Energy from Specialised Fatty Acids. 

  • Bio-available, balanced, water-soluble liquid for optimal health.
  • Can be used as a nutritional and energy boost for dogs, cats and other small animals.
  • Aids in recovery after stressful events.
  • Helps regain strength and replenish energy.
  • Contains Nucleotides which aids gut health and boosts immunity
  • Aids where Vitamin deficiency is detected.

Ideal for use:

  • after deworming
  • after antibiotic use
  • after vaccination
  • during disease challenges
  • after exercise
  • for weak/sick and/or newly born animals as a booster

Available in 50ml, 130ml

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