Rosso Brillante - Red brillant factor colorant (Pineta Zootecnici)

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Rosso Brillante highlights the color of the red factor

It is a food supplement based on plant protein extracts, Omega-3 fatty acids and coloring substances to supplement the birds' diet with the red factor. Contains cataxanthin and beta-carotene in optimal proportions to improve and promote correct pigmentation, the redness of the plumage. It is recommended for the molting period to achieve silky and velvety plumage. ROSSO BRILLANTE, in combination with VELLBRILL, responds to the nutritional needs of birds during the molting period. Improves the coloration and brightness of the plumage. It does not replace traditional dyes.

We recommend

For red colored canaries, start laying 2 weeks before laying for intense and snowy mosaic birds from 40/45 days of life until the end of moulting.


Cereal products, root products, other seed and fruit products, other vegetable products, oils and fats, E161g - Canthaxanthin, E160a - Betacarotene

Instructions for use

Mix well with food. Dosage: 10-15 g per kg of food. Duration of treatment: every day during the shedding period. Maintenance: two days a week.

Packaging: 200 g - 1 kg Jar

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