Rotosal (250ml) (Röhnfried)

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  • Regeneration
  • Liver relief
  • Improving performance

Liquid feed supplement based on organic phosphorus and oligosaccharides for the rapid equalization of phosphorus and energy deficiencies before and after flight distance and general stress such as after treatments, moulting or breeding. The Butafosfan it contains provides liver relief, which in turn leads to improved performance during the race. Rotosal is stable in the trough for more than 8 hours and is mainly used to accelerate regeneration.


Feeding recommendation:

Feeding recommendation: For feeding with drinking water or with grain feed.
Before and after stresses: 5 ml for 20 pigeons.
After intense stress: 10 ml for 20 pigeons.
Moult/breeding: 2-3 times a week 5 ml for 20 pigeons. Fresh drinking water daily.

Tip: 5 ml Rotosal for 20 pigeons as the last meal before a flight (e.g. peeled sunflower seeds) with feed.

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