White Dry - Dry white egg food (Pineta Zootecnici)


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Professional dry white paste ideal for breeding and weaning canaries and small birds.

It is a dry paste ideal for the breeding season. It makes it very appetizing since it does not contain dyes or ingredients that could cause a change in the color of the birds' plumage. It can be moistened with soft eggs, sprouted seeds, grated apples or other fruits that can be added freely.

Ingredients: Bakery products, cereal grain products and by-products, seeds, sugar, milk and derivatives, cereals, minerals, herbs.

Recommended: Ideal for breeding, weaning.

Use: slightly moistened, you can also add soft eggs, sprouted or cooked seeds and you can freely add grated apple.

Packaging: 1kg

Nutritive value per kg:

Vitamin A / Vitamin A 180 IU
Vitamin E / Vitamin E 20 mg
Vitamin B2 / Vitamin B2 1.20 mg
Vitamin PP / Vitamin PP 10.20 mg
Calcium D-Pant / Calcium D-Pantothenate 10 mg
Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B6 4, 10 mg
Vitamin B1 / Vitamin B1 4 mg Colina
/ Colina 500 mg
Aspartic acid 2,234 mg Glutamic acid /
glutamic acid 1,361 mg Leucine / leucine / leucine Phenylanine / Phenylanine 3,580 mg Tyrosine / Tyrosine 2,870 mg Arginine / Arginine 3,051 mg Cystine 1,070 mg Glycine 3,425 mg

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Scott Mercer

My birds love thus egg food.

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