FORTIFIED WHEAT GERM OIL (Horse Health Products)

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Fortified with 25,000 IU vit. A, 2,500 IU vit. D3 and 65 IU vit. E per oz.

A blend of soybean and wheat germ oils fortified with Vitamins A, D3, and E.

. Crude Fat, not less than 95%
. Vitamin A, not less than 25,000 I.U./fl. oz.
. Vitamin D3, not less than 2,500 I.U./fl. oz.
. Vitamin E, not less than 65 I.U./fl. oz.

. Soybean Oil
. Wheat Germ Oil
. Vitamin A Supplement
. Vitamin D3 Supplement
. Vitamin E Supplement
. Ethoxyquin (as a preservative)

Dosage and Treatment:
Fortified Wheat Germ Oil Blend is a feed supplement for use in the animal's regular food.

Packaging; 3.785 L (1 Gallon)

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