Live Bird Shipping Box High - USPS Approved - Poultry, Pigeons, & Canaries

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*Packs of 5, 10, and 25 are eligible for *FREE SHIPPING* in continental US (Alaska excluded)*

The Original Bird Box High, made by C & J Supplies, is sized just under the new USPS's dimensional weight threshold which saves you money at the post office when shipping live pigeons, finches, chickens, and other poultry. The Bird Box High offers a unique flat-top design which is much easier to assemble, and its added mesh-lined holes maximize breathability  Shipping boxes also include a plastic handle which allows you to securely and easily carry each box. Ship your birds safely with C & J Supplies' USPS approved shipping boxes. 

Product Highlights

  • At 13" high, this box gives you an extra inch for taller birds
  • Box has been redesigned to be just under USPS new dimensional weight limit of 1 cubic foot which means you won't may any extra dimensional fees!
  • Its flat-top design makes box assembly a breeze (no corners to bend inward)
  • We ship boxes to you for FREE (to 48 contiguous states. HI, AK, and PR incur shipping fees)
  • Save money when you order in bulk quantities, which also ship to you for FREE
  • Boxes are light-weight and breathable
  • Designed with bio-filters to allow clean air circulation
  • Proudly made in the USA

Take advantage of Bundle Pricing Discounts

  • Singles - $15.00 each 
  • 5 pack - $14.00 each
  • 10 pack - $12.00 each 
  • 25 pack - $11 each 

Advice Before Shipping

  • C & J Supplies recommends shipping Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure a safe and timely delivery
  • Remember t only ship healthy birds
  • For the safety and comfort of your birds, they should be fed and watered a few hours before shipping
  • Absorbent material such as shavings or shredded paper should be added to the bottom of the box prior to packing birds


    18" L x 7" W x 13" H


    Appropriately sized for 2-3 pigeons, smaller ducks, and pheasants. Please check height of birds before purchasing boxes. Will hold up to 6 lbs.

    How can I calculate dimensional weight?

    1. First, you need to determine if your package is greater than one cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches). To do this, use the formula L x W x H. If the result is under 1,728, your package is UNDER one cubic foot. If the result is over 1728, then your package is OVER one cubic foot and DIM Weight pricing may apply.
    2. Next, weigh your package to find its actual physical weight.
    3. Finally, calculate the DIM Weight by using the USPS Dimensional Weight formula, which is L x W x H/166. (The 166 is known as the DIM Divisor—the USPS uses 166 while other national carriers use 139 as their divisor.) If the result of this calculation yields a higher weight than the actual physical weight of the package, you will pay the DIM Weight price.

    Warning: do not ship live birds during extreme periods of hot or cold weather.

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