Carmine Mega Forte (Versele-Laga) Liquid L-Carnitine for Racing Pigeons

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Colombine Carmine is liquid L-Carnitine for racing pigeons. Because carnitine has a stimulating effect on fat metabolism, it makes more energy available to the body during exertion. Moreover, Carmine is enriched with vitamins and amino acids.

Directions for use:
This liquid preparation, Colombine Carmine, is indicated for group treatment and is administered via drinking water (10 ml per liter) or on the food (10 ml per kg).

  • Long distance: last 7 days before the day of basketing.
  • Middle distance: last 4 days before the day of basketing.
  • Short distance: last 3 days before the day of basketing. 
  • On the day of basketing fresh water should always be available.

Packing: 250 ml bottle

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