Herbobeets (Herbovet)

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Herbobeets, our concentrated red beet juice, is one of our top products.

Herbobeets stimulates the duration performances.  Herbobeets contains nitrate.  Nitrates in the juice of red beets are converted to nitric oxide in the body. This allows an increase of the oxygen efficiency through which the oxygen can reach the muscles better.  Thanks to the nitrate less oxygen is needed to produce energy in the muscles. This increases the endurance performance up to 16% and will result in faster recovery.

Since the beet juice is concentrated you only need 30 ml per litre of water (with non-concentrated beet juice you need 300 ml per litre of water). Herbobeets lowers the blood pressure and so enforces the endurance performance.

By doing a 10-day cure before a national race, there were already a lot of winners!

Use : 1 measure (30ml) per litre of water or per kg of food

  • 3 weeks before the season, during 14 days, every day
  • 14 days before an important flight during 10 days, every day
  • Every week during 2 to 3 days if you don't administer other medicines

Size: 1L

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