VAN-TEA LIQUID 5000 A (Vanhee)


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1-2 tbsp in 1 l. of water; every Mon. (racing), 2 days (breeding), 1 day (moult)

Macerate of natural herbs for pigeons (with mugwort, coriander, nettle, thousand-leaf and goldenrod). VAN-TEA 5000 A is a liquid concentrate and ready-for-use herb tea that provides needed strength and energy during the breeding, racing, and moulting seasons.

VAN-TEA LIQUID 5000 A improves performance, stimulates the appetite, and purifies the blood after a long race. Because of its pleasant fragrance, the extract is readily consumed by the pigeons.

. Mugwort
. Coriander
. Nettle
. Thousand-leaf
. Goldenrod

Dosage and Administration:
. 1 to 2 tablespoons in 1 liter of drinking water.
- During the racing season - every Monday
- Before the breeding - 2 days
- During the molting - 1 day a week

Size: 500ml

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