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Announcing Treats for Chickens effective and earth friendly Cheep Coop Cleaner – for all your poultry (poop, we are talking about poop) clean-up needs.

Easy to use cleaner is for complete cleaning of chicken coops, ramps, nesting boxes, roosts, walls, floors; feeders and fountains too; the whole Coop de Ville and its marvelous accessories.

* Earth Friendly, Non-Toxic & Effective
* Easy, Fragrance Free - Safe for Birds

INGREDIENTS: Water, biodegradable cleaning compounds, natural bacteria and enzymes.

STORAGE: Store Cheep Coop Cleaner in its original container in an area out of reach of children and pets. Please recycle container after use.

Directions for use:

1 Shake bottle well before using
2 Remove chickens from area to be cleaned
3 Remove all old bedding and/or shavings
4 Spray Cheep Coop Cleaner where desired. Allow to set for 2-3 minutes while tidying up other areas in the coop and run.
5 Using a scrub brush (or tool of your choice) use your own “elbow grease” to work the surface and then rinse well with clean water
6 Let areas dry out completely
7 Reapply new bedding, shavings, etc.

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