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Magnesium carbonate is an easily absorbed type of magnesium salt which happens to be one of the most important minerals in the body, thus making magnesium carbonate a great way for the body to replenish low levels of magnesium. Since magnesium is needed for at least three hundred different bodily reactions to take place, it is quite necessary to maintain high levels of it. Magnesium is a requirement in the synthesis of various chemicals such as nucleic acid, fat, protein, etc. It assists in the body's ability to make use of glucose and is important in the process of transferring energy throughout the body due to its relation to glucose. It keeps the heart healthy by dilating the arteries and blood vessels to an acceptable level. Without magnesium, blood vessels in the body may begin to shrink and cause blood flow throughout the body to be stymied dangerously. Magnesium also helps keep up levels of oral health and immune system efficiency.


Directions: Offer mineral block in grit bowl to satisfy pigeon's magnesium needs.

Size: 8 oz (Four 2 oz packs)


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