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Trichomoniasis (Canker) treatment for pigeons; Ronidazole 120 mg/g (12%).

Trichomoniasis (Canker) treatment for pigeons.

Ingredients : Ronidazole

Active Constituent (Guaranteed Analysis) : Ronidazole 120mg/g (12%)

Available Sizes: 500g OR 900g.

Directions :
- Add 4 grams per 8 liters of drinking water for 7 days when disease (Trichomoniasis) is present.
- Treat for 7 days every fortnight when racing.
- Treat parent for 7 days prior to joining, then medicate for 7-21 days when young birds hatch.
- Mix fresh solution daily.
- Remove all other water sources when treating.


* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

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