Spartrix Tablets (Janssen/Elanco)

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As a treatment for canker (trichomoniasis) in homing/racing pigeons. A single oral dose is effective against Trichomonas columbae, the cause of pigeon canker.

These amazing, effective pills against canker are one again back on the market! To ensure the full benefit of Spartrix, all pigeons in the loft should be treated at the same time, immediately before feeding. Also, all drinkers should be removed in advance and thoroughly disinfected. Original Spartrix formula, (best known by Janssen-Cilag, now Elanco)

(1) Treat with Spartrix whenever canker is seen.
For routine preventative treatment: Young Pigeons: At weaning and before flying out.

1 tablet per adult pigeon and half tablet per young pigeon. A single dose is usually sufficient. In cases where pigeon does not respond within 3 days, it may be treated again.

10mg Carnidazolum per tablet.

Size: 50 ct

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