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A granular mineral product containing 19 essential minerals and vitamins.

A granular mineral product containing 19 essential minerals and vitamins not usually found in the pigeons diet. Used all year in grit bowl or mixed in grit. The normal pigeon diet does not contain enough vitamins and minerals for the supplementary dietary needs of breeding and flying pigeons. A serious lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause damage to the pigeon's growth, a slowing of racing results and diminshed resistance against illness.

Vita King MULTI MINERAL supplies the necessary minerals and vitamins needed during the strenuous breeding and racing seasons. It is indispensable for young birds in their growing and feathering periods and also during the moulting time of adult pigeons. Pigeons will absorb Vita King Multi Mineral according to their needs. It is especially craved by older birds during the breeding season.

- Calcium Carbonate
- Soft Rock Phosphate
- Mono-calcium Phosphate
- Salt
- Bicarbonate Soda
- Molasses
- Red Iron Oxide
- Cobalt Carbonate
- Copper Oxide
- Iron Carbonate
- Potassium Chloride
- Magnesium Oxide
- Manganous Oxide
- Zinc Oxide
- Sodium Sulfate
- Mineral Oil
- Vitamin A Palmitate (stability improved)
- D-Activated Animal Sterol (Source of Vitamin D3
- Natural and Artificial Flavor added

Administration and Dosage:
- Pour sufficient quantity in crock or jar.
- For constant results, feed dry and keep before pigeons all year long.

Size: 3 lbs

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