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Helps build up the birds vitamin reserves for long and exhausting races.

As every pigeon fancier knows vitamins are indispensable to life and to the growth and breeding of pigeons. They work intensively in very small quantities, but they must be introduced because the pigeons themselves are not able to build them up in their own bodies. Each vitamin plays a specific part in the metabolism of the pigeon.

Vanhee VICTORY PILLS will give your pigeon the top condition, the mental and body push to obtain the greatest honor we are all looking for; victory.

Contains: Vitamin B1,B2,B3, B6, B12, C, Folic acid, Organic Germanium-132 and Coenzyme Q-10.

Dosage: One pill just before basketing, but we recommend to give 1 pill every day during 2 days before basketing.

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