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Product Description for Winners Yellow Drops

Transform your pigeons’ health with Winners Yellow Drops! These 100% natural, plant-based drops are specifically designed to ensure your birds have a clean, healthy throat, essential for their well-being and performance. Ideal for pigeons, ornamental doves, poultry, and birds in large cages and aviaries, Winners Yellow Drops utilize the power of nature to keep your birds in top condition.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Health Booster: Crafted from a unique herbal essence, extracted from the blossom, fruit, seed, leaves, peel, or bark of plants through specific production techniques.
  • Effective Throat Cleanser: Direct application in the beak ensures effective action, promoting a healthy, smooth, and balanced throat for your birds.
  • Easy to Use: Simply administer two drops the day before basketing and the day after returning home to maintain optimal throat health.


Winners Yellow Drops are made from 100% natural ingredients, including a specially formulated herbal essence derived from various parts of plants using advanced extraction methods.

Instructions for Use:

Administer two drops directly into the beak of your bird:

  • The day before basketing.
  • The day after returning home.


Keep Winners Yellow Drops in a cool, dry place to maintain its effectiveness.

Why Choose Winners Yellow Drops?

Improve your birds' overall health and performance with the power of nature. Ensure a cleaner, healthier throat with Winners Yellow Drops, and watch your pigeons thrive like never before!

Size: 30ml

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