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Vitamins, trace elements & minerals in powder form. Indispensible for breeding.

Colombine Vita: vitamins, trace elements and minerals in powder form. Specially indispensible during the breeding period. Is really enjoyed by the birds.

Composition (contents per kg):
- Calcium (Ca) 32.5 %
- Phosphor (P) 2.5 %
- Sodium (Na) 2.0 %
- Magnesium (Mg) 0.35 %
- Manganese (Mn) 1250.0 mg
- Zinc (Zn) 800.0 mg
- Iron (Fe) Sulfate 4650.0 mg
- Iron (Fe) 4420.0 mg
- Cooper (Cu) Sulfate 100.0 mg
- Calcium (Ca) Iodine 25.0 mg
- Vitamin A 120.000 I.E./U.I.
- Vitamin D3 28.000 I.E./U.I.
- Vitamin B1 9.0 mg
- Vitamin B2 30.0 mg
- Vitamin B3 525.0 mg
- Vitamin B6 14.0 mg
- Vitamin B12 15.0 mg
- Vitamin E 70.0 mg
- Vitamin K3 15.0 mg
- Vitamin PP 150.0 mg
- Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 20.0 mg
- Choline 3900.0 mg

Directions for use:
Administer the whole year through. Can be given separately or may also be mixed to the foods, at the rate of 5 tablespoons per kg grain mixture. Refresh daily.
- Put a small quantity of VITA in a little pot at the disposal of your pigeons all the year round.
- Change it regularly and make sure it remains dry.
- During the breeding- and moulting-period; 3 times a week
- During the racing period; 1 time a week.

1kg Pot, 4 kg Bucket


ESPANOL : Vita 4 kg
Product presentation:
Mezcla de minerales para palomas.

Modo de empleo:
- Ponerlo a disposicion de sus palomas en pequenas cantidades durante todo el ano
- Evite que se humedezca y renovarlo regularmente.
- Tambien puede utilizarlo mezclandolo con la comida a razon de una cucharada sopera por kilo de alimento.
- Administrarlo durante la temporada de cria y muda tres veces por semana.
- En periodo de concursos una vez en semana.

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